Carpet Stain Protection Service in Guildford, Surrey

Why Use Our Carpet Stain Protection Service

About Our Carpet Stain Protection Service

Get an extra safeguard for your valuable carpets, rugs and upholstery with our carpet stain protection service.

Carpet stain protection treatments, such as DuPont Teflon, Stain Guard and Scotchgard work by locking onto each carpet fibre to create an invisible shield which repels dust, dirt, and spills allowing you time to quickly wipe up the spillage before it becomes a stain. Vacuuming and cleaning your carpet then becomes much easier and more effective.

Carpet and upholstery stain protectors don't affect the colour of your carpet or fabric, they won't alter how it feels, and there's no horrible odour either! Having your carpets or upholstery stain protected provides the best possible care for your carpets and furniture, and extends their lifetime and appearance.

Cheaper than you'd think. We don't over sell, push or charge silly prices for this service. It's a simple small add-on to help keep our customers carpets cleaner in between visits. Not all carpets need carpet stain protection. Fully synthetic carpets have great protection already and our stain shield simply wouldn't stick to them. We will give honest advice and only apply when we know it will be of advantage.

The repellent finish is effective against water, coffee, tea, red wine, most liquid spillages will peel off the treated fibre. Carpet stain protection can be applied with equal success to new carpet or freshly cleaned carpets that is damp or dry.

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